Thinnakara Island Beach Resort Package: 2016 - 2017

thinnakaraBangaram Adventures & Tour Programme!

Thinnakara Beach-Tent Camping Adventures! Thinnakara island is situated just opposite side of Bangaram island on the Western side and share the same lagoon. On the north-south
edge of the lagoon Parali (i); Parali (ii) and Kalpitty are situated. Thinnakara is a tiny
teardrop shaped island which lies 8 km northeast from Agatti, and just 1 km west
from Bangaram and share the same lagoon.

Thinnakara Island Beach Resort Seasonal package Rates - 2016 -2017thinnakara
All rates in Indian Rupees, equivalent in Euro currency exchange rate is applicable for foreigners. The rates for the month of December will be 10% higher than the
normal rate. Children for up to 5 Years is free of charge at resort.

The above accommodation tariff is inclusive of all three meals and refreshments in the morning and evening, Govt Tax [APAI] and Heritage Fee with 4 Wheel transfers from
Agatti Airport to Agatti Boat Jetty and return for 2 Persons & 1 Person.

HSC/Mechanized Boat charges are extra: [INR.2,500/- Per Adult & INR. 1,250/- Per Child 1 to 10 Years] one Way. service/entry permit documentation (if any) will be payable as extra.
Scuba Diving/Water sports Activities can be paid at resort only.

'There's only 10 beach tents are available at Thinnakara; For more information,
please contact us at Bangaram island beach resort, marketing division'

Download the rate in pdf: 125kb

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Bangaram Adventures & Tour Programmes!

About Bangaram Atoll
Bangaram is an atoll in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India.
Bangaram is situated at 10o56' north latitude and 72o17' east longitude. There are four small islands on the reef — the two largest (Bangaram and Thinnakara) lie on the edge of the lagoon basin, and the smaller two (Parali-1 and Parali-ll) are located on the northeast reef perimeter.

Bangaram presents a breathtaking spectacle of sparkling coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches and lush green coconut palms. The island looks like emeralds in the vast expanse of the sea, and nature’s beauty is preserved at its best. The virgin reefs of Bangaram and Thinnakara, both has been ranked by experienced divers as being among the best anywhere. Read More.

FIT [Fully Inclusive Tour]
The Travel Agent Voucher/Payment must be received 30 days prior for FIT reservation, failing which reservation will be cancelled. Cancellation of a reservation will incur a
fee as per the hotel/resort rule.

GIT [Group Inclusive Tour]
For group reservations within 90-60 days of the arrival date, a deposit of INR 100,000/- per resort is required within 14 days of making the reservation. For more information

The Legal Battle for Bangaram Resort, U.T. of Lakshadweep
Posted on November 15, 2012 [Source: Lakshadweep Forum].

The lease period of M/s.Casino Hotels for Bangaram, with SPORTS was expired on 31st August 2010. Instead of giving vacant possession of the Bangaram Resort, M/s. Casino Hotels filed a Writ Petition in the High Court of Kerala challenging the notice of eviction and demanding extension of the lease period.

The issue became more complex with a bunch of petitions from the land owners of Bangaram island. The SPORTS has been collecting a huge amount from its lessee, but was giving only a marginal portion to its leaser – said the land owners. While hearing the W.A.1517/2010 dated 22nd October 2010, the two learned Judges of the Kerala High Court, who heard the Writ Petition found that the case of M/s. Casino Hotels is untenable. ...Full Text.
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